THEophilus North

The last of Thornton Wilder’s works published during his lifetime, Theophilus North is part autobiographical and part the imagined adventure of Wilder’s twin brother who died at birth.

Setting out to see the world in the summer of 1926, Theophilus North gets as far as Newport, Rhode Island, before his care breaks down. To support himself, Theophilus takes jobs in the elegant mansions along Ocean Drive, just as Wilder himself did in the same decade. Soon the young man finds himself playing the roles of tutor, tennis coach, spy, confidant, lover, friend and enemy as he becomes entangled in adventure and intrigue in Newport’s fabulous addresses, as well as in its local boarding houses, restaurants, dives and army barracks.


A Virtual Tour of Theophilus North’s Newport

By Daniel Titus

In celebration of the release of the new edition of the book, Daniel Titus of Salve Regina University, has created this tour of Newport as seen through the eyes of a young Thornton Wilder in the early 1920’s. This is the Newport that became the setting for his last novel Theophilus North.