Pullman Car Hiawatha to Premiere in Mexico City

The Thornton Wilder Family recently received an exciting note from Abigail Sánchez, the dramaturg on a production of Thornton Wilder's Pullman Car Hiawatha which will open in March 2015 at Mexico City's Sergio Magaña Theater, directed by Alejandra Aguilar and Cristian José García. Their production began in May 2014 as part of a final exam project for an Artistic Creation Workshop ("Taller Integral de Creación Artística") at the UNAM (Mexico's National Public University). The actors study Dramatic Literature and Theater at the University and "found in Wilder's "Hiawatha" the opportunity to grow into the professional life in Mexico's theater." After a highly successful four-day run, their production was given an extended run in fall 2014, to give more individuals at the University the opportunity to attend.

Since then, their production has received one of the most important awards in the National University:"IX Premio Lech Hellwig-Górzynski a la creación escénica teatral 2014"

The company was recently invited to present Pullman Car Hiawatha in a professional Theatre in Mexico City. Abigail Sánchez writes,"Now in 2015 is our opportunity to leave the school behind, and give the Mexican audience the opportunity to watch a play by one of the most important playwrights in the history of the US and the Contemporary World."

The Wilder Family wish them great success with their production. More information is available here and on their Facebook Page.